Friday, September 12, 2014


Look to your feet. Walk a few steps. Appreciate how one foot goes before the other and, though it takes both to take you where you want to go, only one foot can go at a time. Otherwise, we lose our balance and fall.

This is a meditation for when we are feeling overwhelmed. 

Breathe deeply. Exhale. 

Stand where you are. Breathe normally throughout this exercise.

Imagine you are on a winding path.

On this path you do not know what lies ahead. You take one step, then another, then another...

Do not anticipate what is to come. Continue walking.

Enjoy the unexpected scene. It winds and so you cannot see what is ahead, but what is right before you is enough. 

As you walk the path, do not be tempted to think in advance, do not interfere with what is going on.

You are not looking for anything. There are no demands on you. 

This path is quiet and welcoming. With each step you leave behind tension, worry, stress. With each step you are more relaxed, comfortable and calm. 

Take a few more steps. Feel only the action of one foot, then the other.

Be on this path a few more minutes. Enjoy your steps. One at a time.

Breathe deeply. Count to three. Exhale. 

Carry with you this feeling of tranquility. Remember it as you reenter your day. Only one at a of anything.

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