Thursday, September 18, 2014

The chicken or the egg...

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That is the question, isn't it? What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Do we achieve what we want to feel happy or do we feel happy to achieve what we want? I know. They are not exactly the same question, but those two questions are brain-teasers and a mystery to many of us.

This is a personal choice for each of us. We can decide to postpone our happiness as a reward for achieving a specific goal or we can decide to be happy now and let that attitude infuse our process. It is a matter of changing the order from achieving then feeling happy to being happy then achieving. This change in order implies a detachment from a specific outcome, an inner knowing that all will be well, an openness to new and fresh paths and a willingness to say yes to being spontaneous and joyous in the flow of life. It is a matter of being rather than some-thing or some state to attain.

How about changing the order? Today is a good day to give it a try. Feel good, feel joyful, feel happy. Make that choice and continue your process. Don't make your happiness depend on any one thing happening, on any one circumstance change. Be happy and let that be the cause that inspires your life-choices, your path, the course of this day, the interactions you have with others, your relationships, what you attract and your overall outlook on life.

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