Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Your files are out of alignment. You have no connection to the internet. These are fighting words coming from my computer in the middle of my work day. What do you mean my files are out of alignment?! How do these files get out of alignment? From regular use of our systems, of course. That's what they tell me.

That is scary. One moment everything is in order, everything is working fine and the next moment the computer does not recognize it's own information. What are our options? Not use them to keep them from corrupting themselves? No. We maintain them with programs that align files, defragment separated parts and remove viruses.

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I was thinking about this because I just had my chakras balanced. I feel so good. I can tell a difference in the way I am processing the day and in the way I am handling things. I don't want to lose this feeling. I don't want to my chakras to get out of alignment, out of balance. I was tempted to go home and lay in bed. I didn't want to do, say or think anything that would undo the balancing.

This is where meditation, yoga and prayer come in. At any moment during the day I am perfectly capable of egotistical, self-depricating, unforgiving, fractured and alienating behavior. This is how I get my self out of balance. My mind, body and spirit can work on their own creating disconnection and all sorts of havoc or they can harmonize creating a feeling of calm, tranquility and peace. Everything seems to compute much better when I keep up my practice, when I implement a regular program to keep aligned, defragmented and ailment-free.

We cannot be afraid of getting our files out of alignment. We cannot be afraid of life. We have to participate, make choices, commune with others and work, among many other things. Everything we do has an effect on the next thing we do, on others, on our physical and psychic environments and in our selves–all of our selves. Every now and then, balancing our chakras is a good thing to do, but maintaining a regular practice of silence, stillness and right movement can keep us from disconnection and misalignment.

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