Friday, September 26, 2014

It doesn't matter...

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Find a quiet spot. Make yourself comfortable. Smile. Take a deep, slow inhale. Exhale.

Another deep, slow inhale. Exhale slowly.

One more. In, slow and deep. Out, slow.

Continue to breathe normally throughout this exercise.

I fell.     It doesn't matter.

I lost.     It doesn't matter.

I failed.     It doesn't matter.

I did it wrong.     It doesn't matter.

I made a mistake.     It doesn't matter.

I am humiliated.     It doesn't matter.

I am embarrassed.     It doesn't matter.

I am being judged.     It doesn't matter.

I got up.     That matters.

I learned a lesson.     That matters.

I am wiser.     That matters.

I am looking forward.     That matters.

The past is gone.     That matters.

I let go of my mistakes.     That matters. 

I am, regardless of what others think of me.     That matters.

I am willing.     That matters.

I am hopeful.     That matters.

I am happy.     That matters.

I am joyful.     That matters.

I am here.     That matters.

I am now.     That matters.

Inhale, slow and deep. Exhale. What matters today is what we give importance to. In this moment, choose to let go of what doesn't matter. Breathe. Make room for what matters. Live from that place. Go.

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