Thursday, September 25, 2014

Return to sender

Every now and then, I make no sense. I am enjoying a beautiful day, experiencing productivity at its highest, having a wonderful time with friends or richly enjoying love. Out of the blue, the mood changes. There's an insistance in the air for conflict. But where is it coming from? I know it's not mine.

Then I remember that everything is energy. I think again, everything is energy: the meditation pillow I sit on, the music streaming from my tablet, the flame flicking from my altar, my thoughts, your thoughts, all thoughts. Moreover, I remember that everything begins there, in a thought. A thought, creates a feeling and an emotion is born. The thought, the feeling and the emotion are powerful carriers of an intention. It is creation. It is an energetic force. Someone's thought has created a charge that has affected me supersensorially. 

It happens to many of us. We lose patience and tolerance when all is going well. We then act from our short temper, our anger, our impatience making wrong and impulsive decisions. And then we wonder how we screwed things up when everything was going fine, when we felt we were heading in the right direction, when everything seemed so lined up. We didn't. We just allowed an energy, an intention that wasn't ours, in. This may be jealousy and envy–even if not intentional–or plain, old ill-will. This is not an option to blame forces outside of ourselves for our moods or our actions. It is a tool for self-awareness.

When we feel that rumbling, we take action. Our action is simple. We disallow. We claim our space. We call on our own intentions for goodness to prevail, for our path to remain unpolluted, for our energy to be more powerful. We remain true to ourselves and not succumb to low-dragging vibes. When we feel that our frequency wants to change downward in spite of ourselves, then we can send this energy, this intention back, just like we would a letter we don't want to open or a gift we don't want to accept. We return it to the sender. 

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