Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting the job...

...or the car, or the extra money, or the lover, or whatever it is we are wishing for that would make us happy, we think. Our minds are so powerful that we are bound to get whatever it is that we want. Our happiness, though, is not guaranteed. What guarantees our happiness is our choice to be happy.

If our happiness is up to us, then our intention should be the best outcome in any situation and not a particular goal. Setting ourselves up to achieve one thing and one thing only can limit our potential. It can hold us back and can restrain what we get. In a creative Universe, there are no boundaries to what is possible.

Many times we set a goal and are disappointed when we don't achieve it. Yet, how many times are we surprised by what magnificent opportunities we are able to enjoy because we are not bound by what we wanted?

Today is a good day to align our goals to our purpose and our true being. Let us surrender the details and do our part. Let us trust. Whatever the outcome, it will be the best possible one for us.

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