Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I did not plan for this!

The year turned and I wanted to go into high gear. There's so much going for me and, I thought, I have to hustle now. I took out my agenda and crucified it with plans and timelines. Yesterday was to be my first day back to the grind–according to no one's agenda but my own. My alarm was set. My plans were written in blue ink. Yet nothing started as planned. To begin with, I woke up late... three and a half hours late. This cut into my plan, not to mention my sunny disposition. I meditated, I prayed and I made myself available to the Universe. Everything would be alright, right? I was asking for cooperation. I got none. Frustration set in.

When I went downstairs to brew coffee I found workers in my kitchen. No power, no water, no kitchen. Ok then. I went back upstairs. I tried writing, but it was apparently lawn mowing day in my neighborhood. The trimmers buzzing, the lawn mowers roaring and the dogs barking made it very difficult to create. Ok then. I decided to work on something else. I needed to start and finish something! And then, my son woke up, hungry. I had to figure something out. I did. I ordered pizza. At this point I had not written anything. Oh boy.

Pizza came. My dad joined us for lunch. We laughed and joked for a while. My son enjoyed that and we enjoyed him giggling. In the meantime, the clock kept ticking.

I had not seen one of my best friends in a few days. She called and said she was coming over. Finally!, I thought.  She and I can always work together. By know you must suspect that that was not going to happen. You are right. My uncle stopped by. The three of us sat for a while in great conversation. My son joined us and laid on my lap. The only thing happening by this point was a Tuesday acting as a Sunday. Time ticked a little more and called for coffee. Coffee turned into hors d'oeuvre... and more conversation, and more laughter, and more enjoyment. What?!

In my morning meditation I had asked to be led, I asked for cooperation. I had things to do. I asked for me to be able to accomplish my most important tasks for the day. What happened here?! Well, what happened was that I got what I asked for. I learned that what the Universe needed me to do was to put Love first. I rarely get an opportunity to sleep a little longer, to spend time with my uncle, to have lunch with my dad, to have my son curl up to me, to have girl-talk with a friend.  Once I opened my heart and followed the guidance I was receiving, my frustration lifted and I was able to enjoy every bit of the day, even in retrospect. As night dawned and we savored an amazing and unplanned dinner, I delighted in how blessed I am. My tasks and responsibilities are still pending, but blessing others and enjoying their blessing is a huge part of my purpose... and yours. Today is a good day to follow where Spirit will guide us, to willingly allow Love to command the day in leisure, in business and in our work. Love is always returned. Let us trust that in the grand scheme, everything we do is part of the plan and that we move in the direction we are supposed to.

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