Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everything is a prayer

Everything is a prayer. We are in constant communication. The Universe listens to us, to every way in which we speak. We pray in the joy with which we do things, what we celebrate in others, what we are grateful for, what we enjoy, what we wish for. Our very attitude is a prayer...may we continue to receive or may we continue to endure, is what we say.

The Universe listens to, allows and supports our wishes. It does not decide for us so we need to be aware of what we communicate. The Universe respects us and will not impose anything on us. It listens and takes to heart our subtlest whisper.

Many years ago I prayed for a different life. I prayed with daydreams, writings, wishful thinking and conscious asking of Spirit. Today I have the life I prayed for. It took a while. But the Universe orchestrated circumstances in the background while I continued to live life as I had it.

I learned that being too specific got in the way. When we get too precise, the Universe has to arrange more details. Because it does not impose itself on us or anyone else, this can delay our miracles. However, when we are open, miracles beyond our wildest expectations come true. You can wish for a very specific job, or be open to receive a job in which you can contribute, grow and be happy in. You can wish for a very specific love, or be open to receive a love in which you share your best version, are honored, cared for and reciprocated with your lover's best version. You can wish for a very specific house to live in or be open to a new address in which you can live life more fully.

Everything is a prayer. Be mindful. Be present. Do not contradict what you want with adverse thoughts or actions. Be joyful. Be grateful. Be willing. Receive.

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