Friday, January 17, 2014

Anger is not the problem...'s what we do with it that is the problem.

Anger is pain, it is fear, it is our reaction to what we perceive someone else has done. If we don't recognize our anger or we deny it, it rots inside of us and becomes a medium of self-destruction or destruction of others. We close-off, become contemptuous and remain at a lower energetic vibrational frequency.

The phrase "blind with anger" is somewhat literal. When we act out of anger, we don't see the truth. We see situations and people through what we feel. We see what our anger convinces us to see. When we act out of anger, we are capable of destroying relationships, opportunities and ourselves. We become angry people.

Anger is insistence from ego, a departure from who we are. It pollutes our emotional and psychic environment. Feeling angry, we are bound to experience other negative emotions which will take up our feeling-space.

What we can do with our anger is see where it is pointing. What are the issues in ourselves that we need to heal? What are the parts of our personalities that we need to work on? What do we need to let go of? Do we need to work on our tolerance, our impatience, our need to be right, our concern for what others think of us, our jealousy, our procrastination, our lack of self-confidence, our communication difficulties, our lack of focus, our insistence on controlling outcomes, our narrow view of life, our prejudice or other issues? When anger rises today, let us see behind the anger to the matter. Should we become angry today, let us do something with that anger. I don't mean repress it. Let's learn from it. Let us allow it to help us grow.

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