Monday, January 13, 2014

As is

I recently traded in my old car. The car dealership was happy to make the deal. I was thrilled.

I started to wonder where my old car would go, who would buy it, who would enjoy it now. Whoever buys it takes it "As Is". There are no warranties stated or implied. Simple? Not so much. We don't always take things, people or situations as they are. We assume, anticipate, hope and want others and other things to agree with our expectations. And then we are disappointed when people, circumstances or things turn out to be something different. 

Eckhart Tolle teaches that whatever we accept, we go beyond. I have learned, instead of expecting something different, to see what's there, to accept what is. Accepting what is allows us find peace, learn and appreciate. When we stop expecting different behavior from others, a different outcome from a situation we don't have any control over or a different result from some-thing, we allow inspiration, intuition and guidance to fill us. Today is a good day to accept life As Is and release our frustration, our disappointment and our dissatisfaction so that we may grow, rise above, cultivate understanding and become our best self. Accepting life As Is does not mean we become complacent, take others' offensive behavior or accept less than what we deserve. It means that we no longer expect something different. We move on. We deal with what is.

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