Thursday, January 23, 2014


I need a break! I want to be understood! I need you to listen to me. I need help. I'm in an awful mood...cut me some slack. Not now...not today. I want to be left alone. I want people to comply. Can't I get a little cooperation? Why me? I deserve better. I'm entitled. Do you ever feel this way? Does it seem that when you do things get a little more frustrating when what you need is for things to loosen up a little?

When a tree falls in the middle of the forest it makes a sound, whether we are there to hear it or not. Our attitudes and emotional states fall and, just the same, reverberate. Whatever our sound, our energy, our emotion, our vibration, our projection is is what comes back to us. The Universe responds in the same tone we give it. People reciprocate with the attitude we give them. Situations result in the spirit we bring. We make our energy the underlying mood in what we do and in our interaction with others.

The good news is that the same happens with our uplifted spirits. When we offer our best self–whether we feel good or not, when we offer kind thoughts, warm gestures, sincerity, understanding and goodwill, we receive the same. How can I help? gets us the help we need. How can I be of service? echoes back to us goodness. The Universe responds with what we need in order to help–time, money, ideas. In turn, we also get the cooperation we need, what we want, the peace we seek.

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