Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For you and me...

He loves me, I know. When he gets mad at how someone else attempts to mistreat me, I know it is because he cares. From a spiritual perspective, he understands the way I love–even those who don't treat me well, who look at me with a crooked eye, who speak ill, who don't love me back, who do not like me. Yet from a human being perspective, he gets defensive on my behalf. I understand. I, too, sometimes get sad, confused, annoyed and angry at them as well. And then I come back to the place where I know I am the other and they are me.

So for this turn of the year I am making a conscious effort to want for you and for those I don't like, don't care for and don't love what I want for myself and for those I love. I do want you to be happy, healthy, prosperous and full of joy. I want you to feel complete, at peace, confident and happy. May you see your path, know your purpose and courageously fulfill it. May forgiveness, laughter and love flow abundantly for you and yours. May true friendship, true love, harmony, success, collaboration and camaraderie be your gifts this coming year.

May you recognize the innocence in others and be free of the heavy burden of judgment. And may we meet, over and over, in that place where Love overcomes conflict, misunderstanding and separation. Here's to a fun, light-filled year for you and me...

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