Thursday, December 5, 2013

You're grounded!

My son was only kidding, of course, when he started walking out of my room and said "You're grounded!" This meant no tv, no iPad, no iPod, no phone, no friends over. Ha! I instinctively started to pretend-pout, but, instead, I smiled. I'm sure I confused him. I would love to really be grounded, not as a punishment, but as a blessing.

I would really enjoy a decrease of electronic stimulation, to moderate the noise, to cut back on instant information, to have an obligatory reason to detach. I find myself reflexively checking my email at red lights, reading the latest posts when in line at a store, and replying to every notification that pings my phone. I see parents attaching tablets to the headrests of their cars so the kids can watch a movie on their way to school. I also see groups of friends at restaurants all on their electronic-somethings checking Facebook, not enjoying their meals or each other.

Wouldn't it be great if today we could ground ourselves voluntarily? Let's try to breathe without information, to have a chat with the people around us, to read a book while we wait. Let's get bored for a moment and in that moment imagine great things. Let's not add more data to our brains, but release our minds to receive new inspiration. Let's put away our toys to connect to the life around us. Let's ground ourselves to be grounded in the people, the nature, the love, the Spirit around us. To be grounded is to be calm, centered, connected to what matters, conscious, emotionally still, aligned with our soul's purpose, conscious, aware and fully present. Let's be grounded to be grounded.

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