Monday, December 23, 2013

Do you hear what I hear?

It's 11:18 at night as I start to write this. A few minutes ago, my twelve-year old son knocked on my door. I heard his door open a few moments before and a rustling. I'm too tired to get up and see what's going on, I stay in bed. Come in, I say. Christmas came early, he whispers. He has a small bundle in his hand...white construction paper wrapped around a small object. Cover your eyes, he considerately says before turning my lamp on. The letters carefully drawn on the construction paper read To Cusy, From Santa. Inside the wrapping paper is a small, white vinyl pouch with a handmade rosary. It is made out of rope. It's beautiful, I light up. It's for your meditation. It's your favorite color. It is indigo. Can I stay and meditate with you? He asks while my mind drifts just a little bit. In the last few days I have paid attention to a few religious turns in conversation...and today my son, who knows I am a mystic, gifts me a rosary. I am listening.

I do not know what Spirit is trying to tell me, what the Universe is hinting to, but I am paying attention. There are no coincidences. This is synchronicity. It kicks in when I listen with an open mind, an open heart and a willing spirit. Quantum shifts happen this way, in the most subtle of forms and it takes a dismissing of disbelief for them to happen. We don't make them happen, we allow them to.

Today is a good day to give your ego a break. See everything with fresh eyes and don't dismiss the synchronicities. Don't try to figure them out or explain them either. That would be interference. This is the time of the year for shifts to happen. Allow them to. Start by paying attention without expectations or judgments. Start by listening. Do you hear what I hear?

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