Monday, December 2, 2013

Blurred vision

To draw a straight line we need a good eye. Our hand follows what we see. To draw, we need to see well. To see well, we need a clear vision. To have a clear vision, we need to go within.

Many times we begin a new journey, a new goal or new resolutions, but then we get lost along the way. We start off with a clear vision for what we want, yet it gets blurred by our pace of life, the speed at which we feel we have to make decisions, the opinion of those we love, our expectations, our feelings, set-backs, our interpretation of others' actions, our thoughts of how things should be, our fears, peer pressure, our insecurities, our stress, our critical view of ourselves and our perception of our current circumstances. We try to follow a straight line, but we can't see it because it is clouded by all of these thoughts, emotions, feelings and loud voices. How do we get clear again? We go within.

We go within in meditation. We go within to where it is quiet and still, where we only hear the voice of our highest Self, where our intuition leads the way guided by our inner compass. In this place, we find the clarity and the perspective that will help us see our present situation and our path better.

Today is a good day to stop for a few minutes, get still, get quiet and listen to our inner voice. Then we need to get our favorites colors out and start drawing our vision. Once we start trusting our inner wisdom, we stop second guessing ourselves and seeing more precisely. We draw our maps, our lines and what we envision for ourselves more accurately because our mind's eye is not obscured, our vision is not blurred.

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