Monday, November 18, 2013

Fear of failure

I sat down to write about a particular subject when I impulsively picked up a book and started reading. My morning has gone like that, impulsively. I brewed tea when I wanted coffee. I flipped back and forth through pages of my notebook expanding on different subjects instead of finishing the one at hand. I stopped yoga right in the middle of it. In short, I have not finished one thing this morning. I have jumped from one activity to the next in the most unproductive way. As I write this, I notice that my heart is beating fast, that my mind is wandering and that my body feels restless. I am anxious. About what? I don't know. I only remember feeling this way when I have been afraid of failing.

Fear of failure holds us back, keeps us from trying to reach our goals and paralyzes us keeping us stuck in our current condition. Fear of failure keeps us angry, frustrated and unfulfilled. It's terrible. The worst part of fear of failure is that it is born within us. We entertain thoughts of embarrassment, ridicule and rejection in the face of failure. We fail to see the rewards, what we can learn in the process, what we can enjoy and the growth we experience. Fear of failure keeps us mediocre. How do we act when we fear failure? We don't decide, we procrastinate, we don't complete projects, we start to list excuses for why we can't do something, we jump from one thing to the next without a plan, we make up stories in our minds about negative outcomes, we believe we are victims of circumstance.

Our fear of failure may kick into high gear when we are on the verge of succeeding. Today is a good day to switch thoughts of What if I fail? to thoughts of I am moving forward on my path. Live today from a place of passion, enjoyment and lightheartedness. Try, learn, grow, enjoy, laugh, help and release thoughts that keep you inert. Remember that you are loved, protected and supported no matter what the end result of anything you intend is. Whatever the outcome, everything will be well. You will know what to do then. There is nothing to fear.

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