Sunday, November 17, 2013


A few years ago I had to make frequent business trips to a city that was 400 miles away from where I lived. This was right after 911 and new travel regulations and airline price increases made driving much more. So I bought a GPS and hit the road.

My GPS was a girl. I called her Carmen. We disagreed frequently. I yelled at her when she wasn't clear (she was, I just did not understand), but she kept her cool. Every time I made a mistake, she would dispassionately say "Recalculating." She wouldn't yell. She wouldn't condemn me. She wouldn't hate me. She would just point me again in the right direction...every time I asked.

There is no sin. God does not punish us for our wrong choices. We make mistakes and we live the effects of those mistakes. We either learn, atone and grow or we make mistakes again until we get it, until we learn our lesson. In other words, we punish ourselves by our mistakes and we free ourselves by our choice to get back on our path of right action and love.

Carmen was a lot like Spirit. Spirit does not condemn, hate or damn us. Spirit allows us to be and to make our own choices. We connect to it or take our own way. When we are ready to get back on our path, all we have to do is realign with our Source. Recalculation ensues. After every wrong turn, we can reassess where we are and start moving in another direction. After every wrongdoing, mistaken choice or offense to another, we can ask for direction and Spirit will lovingly guide us back.

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