Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My lying eyes

With eyes wide open, I am clumsy. I am not clumsy all the time, but I am clumsy, especially when I think I know what I am looking at. Our eyes are our first access to the world. We trust them, yet, many times, what we see is not exactly the truth and, in many cases, even though we see what is in front of us, we still tumble on, trip on and bump into it.

When we think we know what we see, we are not as careful. This has become evident to me as part of my meditation practice. Since I began meditating, I have become quite good at seeing in the dark. I am trying to translate that into an emotional, mental and psychic ability, because it is there where I am still heavy-handed and graceless. After my morning meditation, I stay in my darkened room for a few minutes to rest between the stillness and the movement about to begin, to help with the transition between silence and the stirring of the day. In the dark, I breathe, I move, I am careful. I take it easy as I turn the music off, put away my meditation cushions, move my incense, turn the ceiling fan on, gather my research notebook, my book, my highlighter, my pen, me cell phone and my laptop before I head out the door. I do all of this in the dark never dropping anything, never hitting my shins on the edge of the bed, never burning anything with the incense. It is when I don't trust my eyes that my senses become acute, that my intuition amplifies. It is then that I pay attention.

Today is a good day to move in the dark. Not relying on our eyes, we will be more alert, we will listen better, we will be more elegant in our gestures, fall less. Today is a good day not to trust our physical eyes so much as our spiritual vision. Let's see our day, our life, our loved ones, our blessings, our difficulties, our jobs, our dreams, our inconveniences, our pain, our joy and our goodness through our hearts because it is what we see that we stumble on when we rely on what we think we see. When we see with our heart's attention, we take less for granted, we appreciate more, we see the truth, we see the beauty in our everyday.

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