Monday, November 4, 2013


Last week I took some time off everything that I could–writing, laundry, assignments, chores, planning. I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't schedule it in my planner. I just did it. It felt almost like resignation, a resignation to first level feelings of fatigue, lack of inspiration and low spirits. I was off-center.

During this time, I went about like a zombie. I ate, I interacted with others, read, worked and brushed my teeth, but there was no intention behind anything I was doing. Yet, there was no resistance either. Behind my apparent disengagement, there was a higher purpose, a nobler objective meant to restore me. What I felt was a disconnection from life was really a disconnection from life's distractions, mindless habits, complacency and ordinary routines. In my numbness, my thoughts became slower, I released judgment and relaxed a bit about almost everything. As a result, my mind became clearer, my heart became lightweight. 

There is a time for everything, and this seems to be a time to let go, to release those mental patterns that bind me, the sense of obligation, the thoughts of how things should be. This time is a gift to reconnect with Spirit. It is not something I initiate, but something I allow and in this allowing I receive awareness, new breath, inspiration, guidance and joy. This short bout of detoxification is letting me appreciate life's blessings, recognize my inner strength, lean on my inner knowing, clue in to my higher purpose and follow my inner compass. These few days of rest have renewed my spirit. 

As we begin a new month, a new lunar cycle and a new season, I invite you to release and allow. Let go of the thoughts that are polluting your mind, clouding your vision and weighing you down. Open your heart, rest your mind, relax your body. In turn, receive clarity, peace, enlivenment. Return to center where your true Self abides, where you naturally flow in goodness, where your intention guides you to your happiest and most fulfilled self. 

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