Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To love when it is difficult

Loving others is easy...when they agree with us, when they make us laugh, when what they do pleases us. Loving others when we disagree...not so much. In our daily lives, it is our interaction with who we love that affects us the most. It is those closest to us whose words and actions weigh heavier on our hearts. We react stronger, more passionately, when we disagree with someone we love and it is in these disagreements that love–in action–becomes difficult.

Disagreements do not have to escalate to an argument. Yet many times they do because of how we handle the disagreement. Sometimes we judge, point fingers, criticize, defend ourselves, attack and blame. In those moments, we should act in such a way that we infuse the disagreement with love rather than with antagonism and disaffection. 

If you are disagreeing with someone you love, transcend common attitudes and beliefs by seeing through the eyes of love rather than the veil of ego. Many times, it is not the issue that divides us, but how we see and treat the issue. Remember in the moments of conflict why you love each other. We cannot have love and hold a grudge in our heart at the same time. Love comes before understanding. Bringing love to the forefront begets understanding and understanding brings about better communication which helps diffuse anger and discord. Today is a good day to listen more intently, to speak a little softer, to love a little harder when we love when it is difficult. 

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