Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You suck

You don't really suck, but that's what others think. They do because of the way you present yourself. Listen to yourself complain, criticize, blame and gossip. You are sucking the air out of the room. You are repeating the diatribe of those who have lost hope, the ability to imagine a better life experience and who are dissatisfied with themselves. You repeat the discourse to partake in common conversation. And now you have become a contagion bringing low energy, negativity, pessimism and antagonism with you everywhere you go. Who wants to be with someone like that?

Today is a good day to let your True Self shine through. Dare to see something beautiful. Bring your highest level energy with you. Uplift others. Listen. Smile. Enjoy the moment. Let annoyances pass. Allow yourself to laugh. Share. Collaborate. Love. Be that person you would like to be with.

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