Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cleaning up the mess

There's a puddle of water in your room. There's a mop. You mop the puddle up. You have cleaned up the mess.

It rains. There's a puddle. You mop. You have cleaned up the mess.

It rains again...

Cleaning up the puddle, but not attending to the cause, does not make sense. Yet this is what we do when we try to solve a problem by trying to fix the effect. In every case, we must address the causes, the underlying thoughts that cause a situation.

Our thoughts have tangible effects on our circumstances. We cannot change our circumstances without first changing the way we think for everything begins with a thought. Today is a good day to stop cleaning up the mess and start dealing with what causes the mess. If you find yourself constantly fixing conflict in your relationships, turning work in late, in persistent financial difficulty in spite of a steady source of income, in a defensive frame of mind, overweight, ill or in a recurrent bad mood, take a look at the way you think. What thoughts keep you in those conditions? What thoughts could move you into a better state? What thoughts could help you fix the leak?

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