Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To dive like a pelican

The ocean is a source of life for many. The water, the fish, the tide itself, the sway of the water, the hiss of the mist, the salt, the vastness... are all part of the life cycle for animal life, human life, our ecosystem and our spirits. When life becomes hectic and our minds are polluted with the residues of busyness, one full breath of ocean–it's smell, it's expansiveness, it's welcoming nature, brings life back into our lives. It regenerates, recharges, enlivens us.

Over the weekend I sat on the most beautiful beach taking in everything it was giving me. We had the beach to ourselves when beautiful pelicans flew in. Majestic, self-assured and confident, these pelicans flew, dove and ate gracefully before us. They were elegant and smooth as they glided in our sky teaching us a lesson in being.

There was no struggle and no competition in nor between these pelicans. They behaved like pelicans. Every move was effortless and precise. Today is a good day to be assertive in our ways. To do so, we must be aware of who we are and what our purpose is. Then every action will be guided and supported, much like the flight of the pelican. Every choice will be sure for it is aligned with our being. When we dive like a pelican, we have no doubt. We dive for what we want, for what is ours. Focused on being who we are meant to be, we don't waste time in doing, we just are. This propels our wings into the direction we want to go. When we focus on what we are, we are lifted and held up, there's an ease in what we do and a nonchalantness in our attitude that is very natural. When we direct our attention to being, synchronicities accumulate and our being becomes sharper, more defined. We become skilled, masterful, experts. Today, we dive like pelicans...

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