Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let the blood flow...

Unlikely twins. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in a dance to know and love each other as twin brothers. I really like this movie. I learn something from each movie I watch and from this one I learned a few things. This particular scene is one of my teachers. Letting the blood flow teaches me about love and those I love. 

We hold on too tightly to the ones we love stopping the flow of love. If we release just a bit–releasing our controls, our agendas, our judgments, our assumptions and our expectations–we can enjoy the people we love, we can enjoy ourselves and our lifedance with them. We see others–our spouses, our children, our lovers, our neighbors, our friends, our family members–as they are, we love them as they are. In turn, we are loved. 

I let my love loose. It will come back when it will. I am letting the love happiness and freedom resting on the happiness and freedom of those I love. Go ahead, let the love flow...

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