Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tripping over the same stone

Imagine you are walking along a path. As you walk, you trip over a stone. You fall, you hurt your knee, you bleed. Tomorrow you walk along the same path. You trip over the same stone. You fall, you hurt your knee, and now your hand. You bleed, again. Damning the stone, cursing the path or begrudgingly taking the same walk each day will not put a stop to your tripping over the same stone. You will trip over the same stone until you are aware of it and walk differently in relation to it or until you take a different path altogether.

In life, we keep running into the same situations over and over again. We stomp our feet, we condemn, we declare never again! to no avail. The same issues will come up repeatedly and in different degrees of difficulty until we learn our lessons.

For example, you want to be more patient, yet every time you decide this is the day you find yourself in heavier traffic. Good grief! I don't need this today!, you think. This is a great opportunity for you to become more patient. You have to do this. No fairy will come about with a magic wand to give you patience.

There is no universal grudge against you. Whatever you focus your attention on will continue to show up in your life–money problems, difficult people, trust issues, forgiveness–not until you get the message, but until you respond differently.

What is it that you need to learn? How can you grow from that lesson? How can you respond differently? Find out, for until you learn your lesson you will trip over the same stone over and over again...

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