Sunday, December 23, 2012

War & Peace

After years of trying to live a peaceful relationship, you are finally there. You must be, you think, because you don't argue much anymore. You are cordial. You have developed a rhythm between the two of you that keeps everything amicable and polite. This is not peace.

Not only is this not peace, it is not even truthful or honest. The absence of conflict is not the presence of peace. A superficial carrying-on is only a waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop attitude in which conflict is simmering beneath the surface. The absence of an argument is not peace.

True peace in a relationship flows from an active commitment to each other in a spirit of cooperation, understanding, consideration, forgiveness, respect, empathy and a willingness to see from the other's perspective. It also takes a commitment to resolve conflict without violence or hurtful words. True peace in a relationship starts within with thoughts of us, not of me vs. you. Love and expressions of love in a peaceful relationship are not only necessary, they are essential.

Today is a good day to commit to a loving and daily effort of peace...

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