Monday, December 10, 2012

Who's fault is it anyway?

In any situation in which something has gone wrong, it is no one's fault-if you decide to look at it that way.

When you look to blame others, or a situation, you give them power over you. If it is someone's or something else's fault then you have to wait for them to change so that you can heal, grow, get better. Yet, if you own it, you can do something about it. You don't need to walk around claiming everything is your fault. Not finding fault includes not finding fault with yourself. Accept responsibility for the choices you have made. It's fine. Right or wrong you made a decision. Now learn from it. Claim your power. Don't blame. Grow.

Traffic, rude people, your birth order, the government, your alarm, your cheating spouse, the high cost of living, your bad luck, etc. can all be reasons for why your life is not on track...or why you are angry, surly, pessimistic and negative. You can claim all these reasons and more, or you can see them as excuses. You can always respond differently. You can always acknowledge that you also have a part in any of these. We all make decisions the best way we can and finding fault does not change anything. 

Who's fault is it anyway? Who cares...Life is best lived when we don't go around assigning blame. 

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