Thursday, December 27, 2012

Synchro-destiny II

I believe my future is not planned. My fate has not been set. My life is a response to the intentions I set. Every experience I have had and every person I have met have their meaning in the unfolding of my days. Although I set my intentions, however, life sometimes takes unintended turns. I believe I know why.
As a believer of synchro-destiny, events stem from the intentions I have set coupled by the thoughts I have. That's where my synchro-destiny gets interrupted, in my thoughts. If I start doubting, the flow of energy changes. If I start thinking that I and I alone am capable of and deserving of the credit behind my accomplishments, I interfere with what started cosmically in response to my intentions. If I disregard others and selfishly aim for my wishes, if I forget to thank Spirit, if I sabotage my speech with words of can't or if I start having thoughts impossibility, difficulty, lack or fear, my synchro-destiny takes a different turn.

For things to continue to fall into place, for people to continue to enter into my life at the right time, for events to continue to take place as an answer to my wishes, I set an intention. This intention is aligned to my highest-self, that Spirit filled place in me that seeks what is best for all involved, following my purpose. I ask for guidance and inspiration, opening my heart and mind to new possibilities and new thoughts. I notice and acknowledge the collaboration and support that I receive in many different forms. I remain willing, spot the synchronicity and greet the blessings...

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