Saturday, December 8, 2012

What are you high on?

Your either high on ego or high on Spirit.

When you are high on ego, nothing is ever enough. You want more. You need more. You want more things, more recognition, more achievements, more status, more success, more money. You need more of these because without them you have no worth, or so you think. You worry too much about what people may think of you, even if you think that you don't...well, you do. When you are living from ego, you are constantly driving, but never getting there-wherever there is.

Many people who have been high on ego get to a point in their lives where they are tired of this constant striving, of the arrogance that self-importance requires. It's difficult to enjoy the beauty of life, the tender touch of love, solitude without pressing thoughts, friendship without an agenda, spontaneity, a holding-hands-walk, tossing a ball back and forth with a kid, laughter–the kind that starts in the gut and makes your cheeks hurt and savoring other people just the way they are, among other life affirming gestures, if you are operating on ego. People get tired of this. If you are tired of the never-ending chase, then slow down. Slow down enough for you to steer in the other direction.

Steering in the other direction does not mean that you will no longer live in abundance or have prosperity. On the contrary. When you are living from your Spirit, you are on purpose. You are ambitious in a way that serves your Higher-Self. You do less, yet you accomplish more. You are no longer interested in being in the limelight, but more so in fulfilling your purpose. You are no longer interested in being right, but more so in keeping the peace. You don't feel the lack. Instead you are thankful for all that you have. You live in abundance. Aligned with Spirit, what makes you happy materializes.

When you are high on ego, your self-importance is a curse that keeps you defending yourself, competing, comparing and always having to prove yourself. When you are high on Spirit, you know that you are important, worthy, lovable and that you don't need to prove what you are capable of. Living in Spirit, you live in harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance and love. When you are high on Spirit, you are high on life...

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