Friday, December 21, 2012

When the fantasy is true...

Maybe it wasn't love at first sight, but you had a passionate and meaningful, albeit short, romantic relationship.

Our current culture believes that these moments we share with someone in these type of relationships–moments in which we feel we found glory, we feel time doesn't pass, we thoroughly enjoy the time spent together and that the passion makes life worth living–are unrealistic. We feel we have fallen in love. Reality says it's fantasy. 

The truth is that this temporary experience of blissful love is reality–the one we deny because it seems so crazy, impractical, quick and unreal. The truth is that these encounters are gifts we receive to know romance, to crave it, to want to live it for in these loving experiences we know bliss, the closest and purest feeling to God. When we feel love this way we will work to be the kind of people who attract it–genuinely–in order to share it.

Any other explanation or reasoning of your experience is not the truth–it's fear, it's ego, it's other people's opinions in your head. Fantastic love is true love. There's more to this, of course, but we'll discuss it another day.

We should not be blinded to these magical encounters. We are not talking about sex, but about true soulful connections in which two people make emotional, spiritual and physical sense for each other. Love made us and love is all we have to give. This is the mark of these love affairs that stay with you and bring you to your true self, because love, real love, never ends. Experiencing love this way does not change you, it uncovers who you are. These love experiences are not fantasy, they are real...

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