Friday, December 28, 2012

Too busy to be happy...

Are you too busy to live life as you dream it?

Life is full to the brim with chores, tasks, activities and responsibilities. Which chores, tasks, activities and responsibilities you take on are yours to choose. Of course, there are some basic responsibilities that are musts (feeding a newborn, for example), but there are many that we accept as obligations that are really not obligations (such as chairing the PTA fundraiser). I am not going to attempt to figure out which activities are essential in your life. I will just say that if you are not happy with your life, that if you are not living the life you dream of because you are too busy, then you are not living on purpose. When you live on purpose, everything flows and time is abundant. After considering what is important to you, and without ignoring your basic responsibilities, delegate, ask for help, say no to certain commitments, declutter and prioritize. You will be answering to your highest self.  Bring to the forefront those activities which relate to your purpose and to your dreams. Always remember that your thoughts have power. If you think you are too busy, you will be too busy.

A busy life is not necessarily a productive life.  The world doesn't need you to be busy, it needs you to fulfill your purpose. When you fulfill your purpose, you find happiness. You find happiness by allowing time for it.

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