Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little things...big love

"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love." This is a quote of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I had to google it because it has become such a cliché that I didn't know if I remembered it correctly or if I was even remembering it well. I have been thinking about this quote for a few days now. In our search for meaning, we go out of our way to attempt great things. For some, this is a search for validation and recognition. Yet every now and then I see someone who does small things with great love. 

Recently a friend was dog sitting two dogs for one of his friends. He took the two pups out for some exercise and brought them home with him. The next thing he knows is that the dogs are infested with fleas...and now, so is his apartment. Oh boy. I was so touched by the way in which he took care of the dogs...he was more concerned about their health and comfort than the inconvenience, the interruption of his schedule and the hassle. He bought what he needed to treat the dogs and everything he needed to kill the fleas at the dog owner's house. He took them to their house and cared for them then went on a mission to exterminate the fleas that were living in the house. He then went home and took care of the fleas at his own place. What a nightmare, I thought. However, for him, it was an act of love. I was inspired. 

I realize that in our lives we may not all achieve recognition or get the validation that we are looking for...we will not all become famous, but we can all be important in the lives of others. We achieve this importance by doing little things with big love. 

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