Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hope is the last thing to die. Yet we are disappointed at times because, despite the intensity of our hope, we do not get what we hope for. We feel our hope dying.

The spiritually sound know that we should place our hope not in what we want the most, but in what is best for all concerned in any situation. Hoping for something bigger than ourselves we ask that, whatever the outcome, we will be ok. We do not hope for a change outside of ourselves, but within us.

Today, hope that you will see the greatness of God's love and that the things you hope for are aligned with Spirit. No matter what happens, you will be fine. If it is sorrow you are hoping to overcome, you will endure it. If it is work that you are looking for, it will come to you. If it is love you want, it will encompass you. Notice how there are no specific requests here. I didn't write hope for a particular job or a particular person. Hope with faith in Spirit's power over everything–over every problem, every pain, every difficulty. Always remember, too, the gift of free will and that Spirit will honor it every time. Proactive in the work of hope, we stay hopeful and we bring hope with us wherever we go. Hope is our constant belief that we will be ok no matter what...

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