Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let's go to bed...

My life has recently been filled with amazing experiences and beautiful people, some new and some not so new in my life. The pace of my days has been exhilarating and incredibly fast. I have been able to accomplish a lot and focus on the path to my goals and dreams participating in events and activities that are not only fun, but entirely related to what I love to do, with my chosen career path. I have been high on adrenaline for a few weeks now. I haven't been able to slow down enough to meditate, practice yoga and sleep.

High on adrenaline, I felt I could take over the world. I didn't feel tired. I just kept going. Until today. I saw a picture someone took of me last night. My skin is gray, my eyes look tired with big bags under them. It's awful. Then, this morning, I woke up late after a couple of hours sleep and I couldn't write-not today's article, not poetry, not a shopping list. I did make it out of the house to take care of a few things, but I was operating in slow motion. I still am. My tongue is heavy. I am crashing.

I stay pretty healthy, but tonight I am feeling a little tickle in my throat and, though the phone has rung a few times with enticing invitations, all I want to do is drink tea and cuddle. As I type this, I notice that I can't see all that well. It's another symptom of my lack of sleep. I want to go back to well-being. I need to sleep.

Sleep restores your body, restores your mind, reduces stress, recharges your energy, boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation, improves memory, increases stamina, sharpens your attention, helps with metabolism and more. Sleep is wonderful. It puts me in a good mood. It heals me-body, mind and soul. It can heal you too. Tonight, let's go to bed with enough time to restore ourselves and enjoy the healing power of sleep...

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