Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pick me!

I love this movie. It's so funny. Donkey is hilarious. And although many people look at Shrek and his layers as a source of contemplation on life, Donkey is the one that makes me think. 

As in this scene, people get so eager to belong that they jump up and down screaming "pick me, pick me" with their attitude and their behavior. They get anxious and act desperate. It is doubt. It is fear. It is insecurity. It is forgetfulness. People doubt that good can come their way. People fear that they will not be chosen. People see themselves through the opinion of others. People forget that they were created worthy and valuable. The truth is that their talents and gifts are meant to be shared and have a time and a place. In the disorientation, people will do anything to belong.

To stop this madness, this giving away of who you are, stop where you are and take a slow breath. Decide that you will take time to inventory what you have to offer. Think of what you would like to do with your abilities and keep your focus there. Stay alert for opportunities that call for you. Don't rush into things. Don't sell yourself short. You will be picked.

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