Sunday, December 9, 2012

Traveling light

I used to pack my suitcases with everything that I thought I would need...and anything I thought anyone traveling with me would need. Then I made a packing list...and copied it...and saved it online in case I lost it on my trip.

I am a recovering packer...for travel and in life. I have shed the excess. When I travel, I leave room in my suitcases for what I may pick up here and there. In life, I have made room in my mind to learn, in my hands to give and in my heart to love. I have not missed anything I have given up. Moreover, I don't worry about things, t-h-i-n-g-s. When I had so much, I had to insure the stuff, keep track of the stuff, maintain the stuff, house the stuff, store the stuff...I was stuffed. When you are stuffed you don't have room for anymore or anything new. I have since purged and now I travel light, everyday.

It is a blessing not to need anything more than what I already have. This lightness helps me see what I do have...the unconditional love and support of a beautiful family, the joy and trust of loving friends, true love, the company of brilliant people, art, beauty everywhere, time...

Traveling light everyday allows me to laugh, to join a friend for lunch, to help a worthy cause, to see opportunities in which I can use my talents, to put my shoes on and just go when I am invited, to tickle my son in the middle of the afternoon, to read, to enjoy this beautiful island I live in, to write, to have an unhurried talk with my parents, to be a better friend, to dance with my twin nephews, to learn something new, to love fearlessly, to work in what I truly love...

I acknowledge that this journey has not been easy and has taken its time, but it has been worth it. I invite you to experience it. What could you do to reduce the load of your baggage? Find out, then come with me...let's travel light.

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