Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wanting what you've got...

I was going to write about our concerns about money and where our money comes from, but I kept coming to the realization that it's not money that we worry about. We worry about scarcity, about not having enough.

I have come from having too much and not knowing it, to having almost nothing and not knowing it as well. When I had plenty, I kept striving to keep it and getting more. I kept working for a future benefit and to secure the lifestyle I grew used to. I kept spinning my wheels. None of the things I aimed for equalled happiness. Happiness was a choice I could have made at any moment, whether I had luxuries or not.

Today, after drastically, and voluntarily, changing my lifestyle, I hold on to a line from Sheryl Crow's Soak Up The Sun song that says: "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got." This has changed my perspective and helped me to enjoy what I do have. I don't feel that I don't have as much. I feel that I don't need anything else. I choose to be happy right here, right now.

This is not conformity. This is trust. I trust that I am taken care of, that my needs are satisfied. I find something else as well. I find a sense of peace in this knowing that virtually eliminates all of my anxiety and fear. I have traded the constant striving for enjoyment.

The thoughts that help me live this state of satisfaction are thoughts of wanting to help others. If I want to be charitable, the Universe provides the means for me to do that. If I want to help the local economy, Spirit provides the opportunities as well. If I want to help my family, I see ways to contribute. This thinking shifts me from lack to abundance and helps me benefit others with my prosperity and my success.

Transform your thoughts from worrying about money to asking how you may help. Whatever you think of is echoed in the Universe. If you worry, the Universe will worry as well and ask more of you. If you ask how you may help, it will ask you the same and provide for you so that you may help.

I am soaking up the sun, so to speak. I have learned that abundance is not something I get, it is something I live.

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