Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Resilience is the ability to deal with life's difficulties, adversity, illness, tragedy, financial stress, relationship issues, job loss and other challenges.

Successful people have a high resilience factor. They are considered resilient because when they fall, as we all do, they get up. Resilient people bounce back by using their skills and strengths. They see difficulties as teachers and opportunities for personal change and growth. They are also aware of who they are, realize that setbacks are part of life, do not blame others for what happens to them, have a strong net of people they can count on, ask for help, have empathy, have a good sense of humor and have a calm and focused mind.

Resilience requires us to be flexible, bending and yielding in order not to break. It does not eliminate problems, but it becomes the force that helps us overcome them and move on. We cultivate resilience in loving and supportive relationships–with friends, lovers and family, by practicing yoga and meditation and by going within to anchor ourselves to Spirit. We remain open, flexible and willing.

Today is a good day to adapt to new and changing circumstances by strengthening our awareness, practicing our centeredness and understanding that life comes with troubles. How we deal with them is what makes the difference between suffering and transcending.

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