Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking at each other...

We don't look at each other. I mean we don't really look at each other. We tend to look at others out of necessity, looking for something answer, a look, a confirmation. Yet, we don't look at each other just to see what is there, to know what is there. This is about looking from a witnesses point of view in which there's no judgment, just which there's no what's in it for me.

An inspiring life is about looking at things with an eye of wonder. When you slow down and pay attention to what you are looking at, you not only discover newness in the thing or the one you are looking at–you learn about yourself. As you start to notice, patterns about the way you see others and the world around you become evident. You may surprise yourself when you become aware of how you think about certain things and certain people. Looking, then, becomes an opening into self-discovery.

Today is a good day to look at the world around you with fresh eyes. Really look at something and study it–how does it move?, what does it resemble?, does it appeal to you? what does it remind you of? does it inspire you?...Now turn around, look at someone you love...really look at them, see what's there, know what's there...

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