Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't confuse my niceness...

I sat there and I took it–a lashing, a very eloquent and disguised critical view of who I am as a writer. I very nicely thanked this person for his point of view, smiled and let it go. Well, it took a few days, but I did let it go. Every time I see this person, he fluctuates from complimenting me to negatively criticizing me. A few people who have witnessed two of these awkward encounters feel the tension. They also wonder why I am not angry, why I haven't given him in return the tongue-lashing he deserves. I'll tell you why.

Love conquers all. I believe this wholeheartedly. I return love for hate, impatience, lying, arrogance, disrespect, fear and criticism. Don't confuse my niceness, though. This does make me a victim or allow others to abuse me. On the contrary. I bring it. I bring the love. This is my conscious choice. With self-respect, self-love and assertiveness I bless this person and withdraw myself from their negativity and hatred. Sometimes it is just from a situation, other times it is from a relationship entirely. I send a clear message that I love myself too much to put up with their behavior. I will not take anything but love. 

What confuses people is that we are used to reacting to others with the same energy in which they are acting. This just perpetuates the hate. When I react out of emotion, defending my ego, I draw myself into a negative energy field. I pout, I get grumpy, I suffer over the other person's actions and my reaction to them. Releasing with love frees me to enjoy life. Miraculously, what others may think about me does not bother me and what this person thinks, says or does...well, I don't care. 

I can love or I can hate. I can't do both. And so, every now and then, I politely, gently and lovingly send people on their way. 

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