Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Accept what is...

It is what it is. When life is not what we want it to be, we want a change. Change begins with accepting what is, by accepting our reality as it is. The challenge is to stop resisting the truth of things. When we resist, we suffer...we get impatient, irritable and angry. We tend to resist anything that is unpleasant or hurtful, such as a bad situation at work, a difficult marriage, a tense friendship, a trait we don't like about ourselves, and so on.

Accepting what is is an active state of awareness in which we pay attention to our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. It is a constant choosing to act from our Higher-Selves rather than from ego. It is not giving in or giving up, but instead a more engaged way of living.

Once we see our reality for what it is and we feel what we feel for the truth, we move ourselves to understand how our current state of circumstances came to be, what role we play in it and how we created what is. We do this without judgments of good or bad. Once we accept and understand, we learn and then we can move to making a change.

Today is a good day to accept what is. Don't resist. It is what it is...but it won't be for long. You are on the path to clarity and a positive change because you accept what is...

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