Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shiny Happy People...

Fairies don't sprinkle happy dust on some of people making them happy. Happy people are happy because they choose to be happy. They are thankful, choosing to be grateful for every circumstance in their lives and expressing their gratitude–to Spirit and to others. Happy people are optimistic, aware of who they are and self-secure, kind, purposeful, social and resilient. They also forgive, experience and enjoy the present moment and are physically active–exercising and being proactive in their health. Happy people are spiritual too. They have a strong sense of self rooted in a spiritual source and see themselves connected to everyone and everything. 

Today is a good day to be happy...start by playing this video. You can't help but sing to this R.E.M. tune. Live this moment by singing out loud...live this moment by choosing to be happy.

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