Friday, January 4, 2013

The Sweet Spot

There's a place within us that holds the truth of who we are. It is a place where we can rest our spirits and be like children–free of worries and futile concerns. It is here that we don't expect from others what we can only get from ourselves, where we don't regret our learning experiences, where we are not embarrassed, where we are not fearful, where we are love. 

We come out of this place and life gets dicey and dangerous. We start going into the places of ego where we look for validation in others, to be right and to be accepted. The danger lies in our dependence of these outer affirmations for they are not constant, they are not always true and they depend on the fragile ego of others. We end up constantly searching for places where we can feel comfort and love.

The place where we find this comfort and love, this home, is a sweet spot. In this place, everything is colored with love. In it, we are already valuable, we are precious, we are exactly as we should be. This is the place where God lives within us. It is here that we find answers, guidance, peace and inspiration. In this sweet spot we find an infinite supply of support, love, wisdom, tranquility, joy and enthusiasm. It is here that we retreat to when we feel out of place in the world and where our sense of self and our worth cannot be changed by the opinions and approval of others. 

Today is a good day to live sweetly. Go find that joy, that strength and that inner knowing that you are important and invaluable and bring that to everything that you say, you think and you do today. Go to your sweet spot and start this day from within...

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