Sunday, January 6, 2013

Release the grudge

You know that guy who cut you off in traffic this morning? The one you damned? The one who you were mad at as you made your way to the office? Yeah, him. He doesn't even know you're mad at him. Your whole morning has been tainted by your anger, but his day has not even been affected by your rage, not in the least bit.

Let it go. I know that letting it go now is easier because the moment has passed. What I am saying here is to let it go the moment it happens. I also know that letting go of the anger caused by a rude interaction with a stranger is easier than letting go of something someone you love does that hurts you–betrayal, deceit, injustice, insult. That is precisely the grudge I am asking you to release. Oh boy. It's tough, I know.

Releasing a grudge is a gradual process that starts with your willingness to forgive. It feels impossible to forgive some types of injuries such as rape, child molestation, infidelity and other atrocities. Yet releasing the grudge in these instances is precisely what will allow healing. We feel that if we let go of the anger and that if we forgive, we are condoning those heinous actions and that there are no consequences. Not so. What others do is between them and God. What they do is not yours to deal with. Whatever consequences come, or don't, are not your concern. Releasing the grudge, also,  does not deny your feelings, but it does start to mend them so that you don't suffer. Releasing the grudge does not change the injury, it changes you.

A grudge is like a wound and forgiveness is the balm that heals it. When the pain of an injury is too much to bear and forgiveness seems impossible, ask for help. Spirit's love will come when and where invited keeping the injury in the past and the love in the present.

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  1. Great piece of writting. It takes a lot for me to hold a grudge due to my "layed back" personality. I do know people (that are very close to me), that do have issues with this, so I try to avoid some