Thursday, January 31, 2013

The gift of clarity

We walk around squinting in the dark, putting our hands out feeling to find anything we can grab that will keep us steady and safe...something that will help us out. This is the way many of us experience life, lost in the darkness. We hold on to anything or anyone to feel a sense of security, love and well-being.

The darkness we walk around in is doubt, insecurity, lack of guidance, lack of purpose, wrong ideas, disconnection from Self and others, pessimistic thoughts, judgment, jealousy, distrust, fear and anger. In this lightlessness, we grab on to wrong career paths, dysfunctional relationships, misplaced thoughts, numbing substances, apathetic behaviors and bad habits in order to find meaning, direction and a sense of belonging. We stay in a loop of negative thoughts that keep us in a rut of bad choices. 

On the other end there is clarity. Clarity is the ability to see clearly. We tune in to clarity like we tune in to intuition, in solitude. We open our minds and our hearts to the truth. The truth is that we were created on purpose, loved, lovable, loving, protected, inspired, peaceful, guided and whole-souled. When our vision is clouded, we don't see the perfection in which we were created. We don't see each other in truth.

I meditated early this morning asking for clarity and connection. Midway through the morning I received an unexpected call from a friend. We had a lunch date a couple of days ago and had not spoken since. We caught up on the happenings of the last two days and opened up about other issues in our lives. Suddenly, in the words and the voice of my friend I received the gift of clarity. I heard loud and clear a message I didn't get before. It was subtle and to the point. There was no coincidence here.

Clarity brings us truth, answers, guidance, the opportunity to be authentic and a sense of calm. It releases us from the bonds we create for ourselves by allowing us to see that it is within that we find our sense of security, love and well-being.

Be willing to release your negative thoughts, be openminded about the synchronicities in your life and cooperate with the Universe by not dismissing the messages your receive. As you can, remain still even if for only a few minutes each day. In a state of calm awareness you will receive the gift of clarity.

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