Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wide awake

I just woke up. It is my first morning, even if it is the afternoon, of this new year. I'm not feeling all that well. A few nights of not sleeping enough will do that to me.

I brushed my teeth and then brewed some coffee. Someone left me fresh bread from the bakery on the counter. I grabbed some of that and sat down to write. All on auto-pilot.

This is a shame. I am of this amazing race of beings purposely made to reason and meditate and I go about doing things automatically. As soon as I had this thought, my coffee tasted better. It was no longer my usual cup of coffee, it was a cup of blessing, a balsam for my sleepy body. The bread I found this morning was no longer just bread, it was a treat, a yummy surprise that I don't get that often. Who could love me so much as to wake up early and go to the bakery to buy me this delicious gift?

I am not alone. I know that. We humans go about doing things mechanically without thought to what we are doing, or to what we have, or who is around us, or what we can learn, or what we can do...we go about asleep.

Today is a good day to wake up and see–see the people around us, the good things around us, the opportunities around us, the love around us. Today is a good day to see more than the obvious. Wake up and be thankful, offer more of yourself and love others. Wake up and greet this new year alert and aware...live wide awake.

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