Friday, January 11, 2013


I am going to bottom-line this one for you: it's useless. Regret is useless. Regret is a feeling, a sense of grief or loss which puts you in a dysfunctional frame of mind. I know because it is something I struggle with many times. I regret not kissing my grandmother as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. I wanted to. She stood at the aisle-end of a church pew, teary-eyed, full of hope and pride for me and I wanted to stop and kiss her. She had chemotherapy the day before and being there was painful and uncomfortable. She would not have missed my wedding for anything. She died shortly after, but had asked first to be buried in the dress and wig she wore to my wedding. I regret not kissing her.

What do you regret? Can you do anything about it? Probably not. Regret keeps us in the past which we can't change and it only helps in this moment if we can make a better choice because of what something we regret taught us. We can't make a choice in the future until we get there, and so regret doesn't help us in the future either. Regret would only help this moment, but by occupying our thoughts with regret we zap the opportunity to fully live the present. Bottom line: regret is useless.

Today is a good day to stop the regrets. Make the best choice you can for your life today. You can regret very little when you make choices with the best intentions for all concerned and while remaining true to your heart as it is aligned with Spirit. Live your life in this moment. You don't want to regret the time that passes you by.

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