Thursday, January 17, 2013

The great equalizer is the one thing we are all given in equal measure. It does not discriminate. Rich and poor, black and yellow, lovers of women and men, Buddhist and Protestant, Albenian and Norwegian-we are all granted the same amount of time each day. Time is our great equalizer.

We say we have no time, but we do. What we choose to do in it is up to us. Consciously choosing how we fill our days makes a difference in how we feel about time. We can be frantic or calm, overwhelmed or not. When we slow our pace and ask for guidance, we find perfect timing for everything. When we ask for direction, our priorities align. Spirit leads us to the right time and place.

Let's befriend time. In it, let's give up our sense of urgency, pacing ourselves joyfully. Let's be grateful for the time we have today. Let's use our time wisely. Let's give up trying to control time and let's just flow in its rhythm.

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