Saturday, January 19, 2013

We were not born to be entertained

We are so used to instant and cheap stimulation that we seem to be bored all the time...and we are. I look around and see the frustration in people's faces in traffic, at the mall, at the bank, eating in a restaurant, waiting for kids to come out of school...almost everywhere I go. I also see people frustrated at work. Some even complain about work being boring. I wonder what they bring to work in the first place...what expectations they have and what kind of attitude they offer.

We came to participate, not to be entertained. We must do our part. We are bored because we have disconnected from our passionate selves. There's a part within us that is full of potential, special abilities, joy, passion and love. When connected to this part of ourselves, our Highest Self, we cannot be bored. We bring with us what we want to find everywhere we go. It is in this part of ourselves that we keep what we want alive, where we store our deepest dreams. When we are disconnected from this part of ourselves, we look for distractions and diversion. It is a way of avoiding our lackluster lives. And when we can't find enough entertainment or distraction out there we become frustrated and numb.

Today is a good day to meditate on your wishes and dreams. Get excited about something and bring that excitement with you everywhere you go. This energy is contagious. Not everything in your life will be exciting, but life changes when you change. You will find that this world is not such a boring place after all.

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