Monday, April 8, 2013

It's not yogurt...

In the movie Notting Hill, there's a scene I love. The dialogue goes like this:

               –Spike: There's something wrong with this yogurt. 
               –Will: It's not yogurt. It's mayonnaise.
               –Spike: Oh, right. There we are then. 

Silly moment. I know, but it is so full of wisdom. It expounds on the wisdom of changing the way we look at things for if we do, the things we look at change. Spike didn't change yogurt into mayonnaise, he changed his perception of what he was eating from something gross into something delicious. My dad has done the same thing with guacamole, but that's another story. 

In our lives there are situations that may be causing us pain. We can change the way we view them and thus change our experience of them. We can change the way we see a situation from failure to knowledge gained, from loss to opportunity, from a mistake to a lesson. Focusing on what is wrong will keep us on a negative track. Yet shifting our thoughts to curiosity and creativity about the situation will take us along new paths.

Today is a good day to view things in a new light. Open up to new possibilities and let go of what you perceive is a failure, a mistake or a loss. This new perspective will yield new chances for you, a reduction in stress and an uplifted spirit. As you cooperate with the Universe, the Universe cooperates with you by changing things as you change the way you choose to see them.

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